Johnny Joyce

AI Graduate And Math PhD Student
With International Experience

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About Me

I am currently seeking an internship for Summer 2021 relating to mathematics, machine learning, and/or computer science. I enjoy tackling new challenges by using teamwork and critical thinking, and I am always seeking new ways to grow.

Johnny Joyce

I am a strong team worker and am highly adaptable to new situations. I have experience in communicating complex ideas with others and can work well with any team.

  • Studying PhD Mathematical computer science

  • Education MSc. Artificial Intelligence (With Distinction)

    BSc. Math With A Year Abroad (With First-Class Honours)

  • Teaching Calculus I

  • Phone (312) 684-7214

  • Email

My Experience

My studies in the UK and the USA have straddled the line between mathematics and computer science, combining the strengths of both fields. I have also worked both in the UK and USA in education-related roles.


University of Illinois at Chicago

2020 - 2025

Specializing in mathematical computer science and theory of artificial intelligence.

University of Southampton, UK

2019 - 2020 (With Distinction)

  • Dissertation - researched formal logic for multi-agent systems using mathematical proofs
  • Classes included deep learning, reinforcement learning, mathematics of machine learning, AI techniques.
  • Produced independent research on genetic algorithms.
  • Worked in a team to create an automated negotiation agent using techniques from contemporary research.

Cardiff University, UK

2015 - 2019 (First-class honours)

  • Year abroad at University of Illinois at Chicago.
  • Notable classes included: optimization, algorithms & heuristics, data mining, problem solving, math behind gerrymandering, coding theory, advanced calculus, operations research, methods of applied math, various programming courses.
  • Produced independent research on machine learning for game theory

Work Experience

University of Illinois at Chicago

2020 - 2025

Currently teaching Calculus I, where I lead discussion sessions. Teaching style focusing on active learning, engagement, and positive reinforcement.

Museum of Science and Industry

Mar-Oct 2018 (Fixed contract)

Developed and performed shows and activities about science, mathematics, and computer science for large and small audiences of varying ages. Investigated guest engagement, tailored shows to individuals, helped train new educator staff, worked as a team to create dynamic performances. Liaised with security, maintenance, development, and other departments to maintain guest safety and satisfaction.

Welsh Government (Count On, Write On program)

Jan-Jun 2017 (Fixed contract)

Helped borderline C/D grade mathematics pupils achieve a passing grade, assisted selected top teachers in the UK, provided both one-on-one and group help. Learned and applied techniques for making mathematics appealing to those who are not usually interested in the subject.


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